Ask a Museum Educator-Women's History Month

By National Women's History Museum (other events)

18 Dates Through Mar 23, 2017

Bring a Museum Educator into your classroom and offer your students a glimpse into how museums bring history to life. The National Women’s History Museum is offering electronic field trips for 4th through 11th grade classes on women’s roles in STEM fields.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills have been identified as necessary to remain economically competitive as a country, and many have pointed out that all of society benefits when diverse teams tackle technological and scientific problems. Yet, women are persistently underrepresented in many STEM fields, where the disparity begins in classrooms. And, it has a historical basis. Women’s underrepresentation in STEM fields is rooted in the ways that women, their roles, and their abilities were thought of at the start of the Industrial Revolution. We will use documents, videos, and images to explore women who challenged the status quo to make an impact in STEM fields and who inspire today’s girls to do the same. 

Sign up for a 15-minute electronic field trip where you and your class will be able to “Ask a Museum Educator” about women’s historic roles in STEM. We will use objects, images, and documents to explore dynamic women leaders. The conversation will go both ways, so be prepared with your questions and your own observations. 


Technology Requirements:

The “Ask a Museum Educator” sessions will be facilitated through Google Hangouts. Your teacher will need a Gmail account, a webcam enabled computer, and an Internet connection.  Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation for your program time and login instructions.    


Cost and Conditions:

  • This program is free for students in the United States who are currently enrolled in a public, private, or charter school or a home school learning community.
  • Each teacher may sign up for one slot per group of students with a minimum class size of 10 students. A teacher may sign up for multiple slots as long as they are for different students.
  • Each time slot accommodates 40 students. More than one classroom may sign up for a slot as long as the total number of students do not exceed 40.
  • Academic grades 4th-11th
  • This program is designed for U.S. schools.
  • The programs will be conducted in English
  • Registrants must provide a valid email address. Program materials will be emailed in advance.
  • The program will be conducted through Google Hangouts. Registrants are responsible for setting up a Google account and downloading any necessary software in advance. NWHM will arrange a time before the program to test the software and connection. 


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